Blue Puppy Bottle Sling featured by Just Multiples
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Blue Puppy Bottle Sling
Blue Puppy Bottle Sling
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Are you tired of using blankets, pillows, or toys to prop up a bottle when you don't have an extra hand to feed your babies?

Are you concerned about placing bulky items so close to their face?

The Bebe Bottle Sling is the solution for you! The Bottle Sling is designed to hold the bottle at the correct angle for feeding. The sling can be adjusted to work with any diameter or length of bottle.

The Bottle Sling attaches to the infant car seat/carrier handle allowing the bottle to be suspended in front of the baby's mouth while securely held at the correct angle for feeding. This means there are no bulky items around the face and the baby will NEVER lose the bottle! Even if the baby releases the nipple to laugh or coo at you, the bottle will ALWAYS return to position in front of the baby's mouth.

- Holds the bottle at the correct angle ensuring the proper flow of milk/formula
- Prevents air from entering
- Works with ALL infant carseat handles
- Works with ALL bottle diameters and lengths
- Wide range of height adjustability through the velcro straps
- The ONLY bottle holder that returns to position for active children
- Compact in size - easily fits in diaper bag or pocket
- Promotes hand-eye coordination
- Replaces other bulky propping methods