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Two Is For Twins
by Wendy Cheyette Lewis
Brightly Illustrated
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"Twins, as you can plainly see, are just as two as two can be."

This brightly illustrated board book is a buoyant, bouncy ode to the joys of twindom!

What comes in twos—plenty of things—two hands, two feet, two wings on a bird, and, of course, a pair of twins. As this book notes, twins are very close because they have each other to play with and depend on for support. What could be better? Sometimes twins dress alike and do things together, other times they like to show their independence.

With the number of multiple births on the rise, it is not unusual to have more than one set of twins in a school or even in a class. The delight that this pair share between themselves and those around them culminates in a birthday party when the twos become three, but readers know that these twins will always be a team of two.

•Board Book, 27 Pages
•By Wendy Cheyette Lewis