Chicks Run Wild
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Chicks Run Wild
Chicks Run Wild
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edtime silliness abounds when these little chicks decide they’re not ready for sleep. Eventually, Mama realizes she’ll just have to tire them out herself. Weary parents may not appreciate this message, but young children will relate to the energetic chicks, who pop back into bed each time Mama checks on them and aren’t sure how to react when Mama changes her tactics, challenging them to invite her to play. The chicks are fluffy and appealing; Mama appears progressively more stern, as she looms larger in the doorway each time she must come back. Young listeners will quickly learn and want to repeat the refrain, set off in large type and curving above chicks jumping on the bed, somersaulting through the air, and whacking each other with pillows: “Those chicks run wild!” Grown-ups will enjoy the final scene, where “Mama runs wild,” painting her toenails red, having a cup of tea, and watching Gone with the Wing.

By Sudipta Barhdan-Quallen
Hardcover, 32 pages