123 go! triplets dvd
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123 Go! Triplets
Parents and professionals give advice on carrying and raising triplets
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Parents expecting triplets (or quadruplets) are in a very unique situation. In addition to professional experts, this video uses the resources of parents who have been through the challenges of carrying, delivering, and caring for their own triplets and quads. There's so much you can learn from their stories, great ideas and even their mistakes!

This DVD video offers a unique way to get information. You can sit down with your spouse and actually watch and listen together, and get a lot of information in a very short amount of time!

Topics discussed in this 95-minute video include:
• Proper medical care for the pregnancy
• Unique concerns with triplet and quadruplet pregnancies
• Bed rest and hospitalizations
• C-section deliveries
• Hospital care of infants
• Bringing babies home
• Scheduling and charting infant care
• Nursing premature multiples
• Health risks to premature babies
• Can't-live-without gadgets and strollers
• Challenges with older siblings
• Hiring professional help
• Coping with stress