Our Story

WOW! Where have the years gone? The picture on the left is what my kids looked like when we first opened for business - now look at them! They have almost outgrown their crib! The oldest of my triplets (the one in the blue jacket) tried to climb out the other night. I guess this means the time has come for big kid beds.

It only took fifteen years, but I am proud to announce that they are finally sleeping through the night! Now, if I put them to bed by 11 p.m., they sometimes sleep straight through breakfast and lunch! I can hardly believe it. I know, many of you new mothers are frustrated and think it will never happen. Trust me, it will! Just be patient and give it a little more time. Once they cut their twelve-year molars it will only be a couple more years. You will get your life back, I promise!

What? You could care less about my kids and their accomplishments? You would like to know more about Just Multiples and how we got started before you decide to shop with us? Okay, I understand.

I have my twin sister, Lisa, to thank for this. She is the one who inspired me to start my own business. If you look below, you will see a baby picture of the two of us. I can't tell you who's who because our mother never labeled our photos! As for our more recent "adult" picture, thankfully, I know who's who because I labeled it!

Back to Just Multiples and how we got started...

In 2000, Lisa published a book and created a website to promote it. Being twins, I decided to do the same. Two years, one month and four days later, I published the first edition of The Multiples Manual, and also created Just Multiples.com. Several years have passed, and we now offer a variety of products for families with young twins and triplets. We hope you enjoy shopping on our website and find something useful for yourself, your children, a family member, or a friend.

Best Wishes!

Lynn Lorenz
Owner, JustMultiples.com
Identical Twin
Mom of BBG Triplets and a Singleton
Author of:
The Multiples Manual (Preparing and Caring For Twins and Triplets)
Twice Upon a Time (Twins Baby Memories)
Double Time (Twins Daily Schedule Book)
Triple Time (Triplets Daily Schedule Book)
Double Doses (Twins Medical Diary)
Triple Doses (Triplets Medical Diary)
Who's Who (Twins Baby Name Book) - Coming soon!