The Multiples Manual Book on Parenting Twins and Triplets Just Multiples
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The Multiples Manual
by Lynn Lorenz
1,002 Tips For Twins/Triplets
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FINALLY...Twins and Triplets come with instructions!

Well...almost! While nothing can fully prepare you for the birth of your multiples, THE MULTIPLES MANUAL is sure to help - it's guaranteed to simplify your life, save you time, and even save you money! Full of information on what every mother should know before, during and after the birth of her multiples.

"You'll find this manual enormously entertaining and highly informative. The tidbits are easy-to-digest and very readable. Lynn Lorenz's book is like having your neighbor who has raised 7 kids handy to actually tell you how to do things. A very good resource for every expectant mom and every new mom."-TWINS MAGAZINE

•Me and My Shadow(s)
•Imperfect Strangers
•Expectations and Preparation
•Your Plural Pregnancy
•Doctors and Hospitals
•The Name Game
•Things You'd Rather Avoid But Can't
•Working Out Work Related Issues
•Time for Bed-Rest?
•The "Babies" Shower: Plotting & Planning
•Nursery Necessities and Non-Necessities
•Things to Consider, Things to Avoid
•Handy Things
•Not-So-Handy Things
•Things That Stroll
•Car Seat Safety and Tips
•The Poop on Diapers (and Wipes)
•The Low Down on Highchairs
•Minivans and Other Minutiae
•Things That Don't Cost Anything
•Organizing and Creating Space
•The Multiple Birth
•The Pediatrician
•Relation-Ships That Pass in the Night
•Parenting Pets
•Multiple Medications
•Simple Things That Simplify
•Volunteered Help
•Hiring and Firing Paid Help
•A Briefing About Breastfeeding
•Not-So-Basic Bottle-Feeding Basics
•Formula and Other Fluids
•Assembling Your Assembly Line
•Continuous Crying
•Could it be...Colic?
•Feeling Blue
•Bouts of Relaxation
•Showering: The Logistical Nightmare
•Bathing Your Beauties
•Bedtime Basics
•Sleeping: Children and Parents
•Secrets To Keep from Your Spouse
•Cribs and Beds
•Tips to Digest: Solid Food
•The Infamous "Schedule"
•One-on-One Time
•Creative Grocery Shopping
•Shopping: Saving Money and Your Sanity
•Dine and Dash
•The Laundry List
•The Dirt on Messes
•Working Vacations
•Smiles for the Camera!
•"Children" Proofing & Safety
•When Your Zoo is Two
•Time and Time Again Time-Outs
•Toilet Training Twins or Triplets
•Pre-School: Getting Waitlisted
•Tips That Will Last a Lifetime
•Things Mothers of Multiples Will Only Admit to Other Mothers of Multiples
•Why Multiples are Easier Than Singletons
•Tip #1,002
•Appendix 1 - Registry Checklist
•Appendix 2 - Stroller Manufacturers

Paperback, 308 Pages

I have triplets & bought this when I was pregnant. I had no idea how useful & practical the tips would be until the babies came. Highly recommend." - Gin (Houston, TX)

"Easy read, very entertaining, full of tons of helpful information. I highlighted, took notes, and will be going back to re-read it a second time." - A. Cessac (TX)