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Podee-Twin Pack
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Birth to 12 Months
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The Podee Baby Feeding System is a complete system that includes two baby bottles, ideal for bottle feeding twins or as a helping hand with triplets or more!

The Podee Baby Feeding System was developed to help prevent colic and ear infections by enabling the baby to be fed in an upright position. When assembled, the system delivers a smooth liquid flow every time the baby sucks on the teat. Because the tubing draws liquid from the bottom of the bottle, the system is filled with liquid, not air, thereby limiting the baby's air intake. Less air helps to reduce the gas build up and problems like colic.

To keep baby calm during feeding it helps if they see a familiar face and the Podee Baby Feeding System allows you to have eye to eye contact, thus enhancing bonding. It is recommended the Podee System is used from 8-12 weeks and used with expressed breast milk but it can also be used with formula or any other liquid.

For Twins, Triplets, and Higher Multiples...

The Podee Baby Feeding System is a very valuable tool when feeding a single baby, but for twins and other multiples it can be indispensable. Many mothers are on their own for most of the day and with multiple babies they are always trying to decide which one to feed first or how to manage to feed two or more.
Podee lets you feed all of the babies at the same time, holding each in turn while keeping a watchful eye on the others -no more hungry, crying babies.

BPA Free and Lead Free!