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Save 20% on some of our best selling books when you purchase them as a bundle!!

• The Multiples Manual: 1,002 Tips
THE MULTIPLES MANUAL is sure to help - it's guaranteed to simplify your life, save you time, and even save you money! Full of information on what every mother should know before, during and after the birth of her multiples.

• Twice Upon A Time: Twins Baby Memories
"Twice Upon a Time" is a set of baby memory books written just for twins. They are unique in that they tell a fairy tale, combined with the tale of Mommy's pregnancy, her twins' birth, and first three years of life. The books include simple, cute comparisons of the twins and also address each child as a unique individual. Full of colorful, adorable illustrations, one of the nice features about this set of books is that it's VERY EASY to fill in the details. Much of the work is already done for busy parents, with lots of "check-the-box" options. Don't get us wrong, there is SOME work to be done, but it's not overwhelming!

• Twins "Belly" Brag Photo Book
This one-of-a-kind "Belly" Brag Book gives an expectant mother of twins a safe place to keep her growing belly and sonogram pictures!

All of these books are unique to and sure to keep you busy while waiting the arrival of your twins!!