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Feeding & Activity
Quad Table
Makes Clean Up a Breeze!
Price: $585.00
Sale Price: $575.00
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Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
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FINALLY! A mom of multiples' dream come true! No more high chairs to clean, and when your babies are finished eating, use it as an activity table! "Quad" Tables are the next best thing to getting your babies to sleep through the night! Cleaning is much easier, and feeding is easier! Sit on the other side of them, line 'em up, and feed!

Once your babies begin to eat solid foods, one of your biggest time-wasters will be to clean all the crevices in high chairs...3 to 4 times a day, 7 days a week, unless you have a Quad Table! You can dramatically reduce the time you spend cleaning up after your children by purchasing a Quad Table, instead of high chairs.

One thing to remember...with multiples, it's all about...CONVENIENCE! Trust us, as long as you have the appropriate space in your kitchen, you will LOVE this product!

Tip: To see how the table will fit in your space, lay out newspaper on the floor using the dimensions shown below. It can help to see a visual of how much space the table will occupy.

Not just for quadruplets - triplets with an older toddler sibling, or triplets and frequent friend can also use this table!

•Dimensions: 72" x 48" x 27" (legs are NOT adjustable)
•Top: 1 1/8" thick
•Top colors: Light Oak (most popular), Maple, Red, Blue, Gray, Yellow
•Seat colors: Yellow (most popular), Red or Blue
•Height: Adjustable from 19" to 27"
•Seats are tough polyethylene
•Seat belts are included with table
•Table and seats are warranted for one year
•Seats remove VERY EASILY for cleaning
•Shipping weight: 100 lbs.
•Tables will usually accommodate children from 5 to 24+ months of age.
•Seat weight limit: 30 pounds

Please allow 2-3 WEEKS for delivery.

Due to size restrictions and cost, this product ships within the domestic UNITED STATES only. Ships directly from manufacturer.