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The Everything Parents Guide to Raising Girls
by Erica Shearin
Lifelong Tips
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Having kids is a challenging endeavor in itself, but bringing up girls in today's world can be especially difficult. The Everything Parent's Guide to Raising Girls gives you the information and resources you need to raise happy, healthy daughters from birth to adolescence. Well-known parenting expert Dr. Erika breaks down what you need to know.

From the differences between boys and girls to boosting their confidence and self-esteem to social and school issues.

The Everything Parent's Guide to Raising Girls prepares you for:
•Handling tantrums, bad moods, and potty training
•Dealing with social issues at school such as cliques, bullies, and peer pressure
•Coping with puberty and menstruation
•Enforcing rules and disciplinary action

With The Everything Parent's Guide to Raising Girls, you will raise a wonderful daughter and develop a close relationship to last a lifetime.

•Paperback, 302 Pages
• By Erica Shearin