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Romp and Roost, A Divided Nest for Play and Rest - Largest Twin Store & Twin Gift Registry!
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Romp and Roost,
A Divided Nest for Play and Rest
Play Yard for TWO!
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"What a great idea!"
"Finally, I've found just what I've been looking for!"
"The best play yard for twins!"

These are just some of the glowing reviews of the stylish Romp and Roost Play Yard! It's unique, patented design fills all of your family's needs, whether at play or rest.

Insert the removable versatile divider to sleep two infants or toddlers in their own space.

Remove the divider to sleep two small children together or one large toddler with plenty of room.

Without the divider, it creates one oversized play yard for one or two children to play independently, together or to learn crawling and walking skills in a safe environment.

Included with the Romp and Roost is a grey, soft, waterproof fitted sheet that zips into the bottom of the divider, keeping it safely in place. Machine washable, too!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants should sleep in a room with parents until 6 months of age. The Romp and Roost is the perfect solution for twins to co-sleep without needing two separate bassinets.

The meshed walls and divider make the play yard completely breathable. Four sturdy wheels make it easy to move around as needed. The wheels lock to keep the play yard safely in place.

Cleaning is easy by using a damp sponge with mild soap. Allow to dry completely before folding and storing away.

The Romp & Roost is easily collapsable to make transporting it a snap! (Watch the demo video below)

Dimensions: 54in x 40in x 30in
Weight: 30 lbs

We're sorry ... due to excessive shipping cost, this item is only orderable in the Continental United States. International orders are not accepted.


Safety Instructions
IMPORTANT: Before assembling this play yard, please read and understand these instructions. Incorrect assembly or use may make the play yard unsafe. Do not use this play yard if any parts are broken, torn, or missing. Keep these instructions in a safe place for future reference.
- Never leave your child unattended. Always keep in view, even when sleeping.
- Do not use or leave the play yard near any open fires, electric stoves, gas fires, heaters or barbeques.
- Do not place the play yard where your child could reach medication, money, string, plastic, small toys, or other small objects.
- Do not place the play yard near electrical cords or outlets.
- Do not use any additional mattress or padding. Use only the mattress supplied with the play yard.
- Do not place toys or other objects in the play yard which could provide a steeping stool or foothold to help your child climb out.
- Play yard with padded rails should not be used if the covered fabric is torn or bitten through.
- Do not use this play yard with a child that can climb out.
- Check that the assembly of the play yard is correct and safe.
- Always check parts regularly for the tightness of screws, nuts, fasteners, etc. Tighten as required.