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The Childcare Answer Book
by Linda Connell
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Many families benefit from the help of childcare providers every day. With over 80,000 childcare facilities in the United States, finding the best childcare solution can be daunting, stressful and costly-both emotionally and financially.

The Childcare Answer Book examines the options available and gives you straightforward, easy-to-use advice on finding the best arrangement that works for you and your child.

The Childcare Answer Book makes tough decisions easy:
•When should I start my search for childcare?
•Where can I go to verify credentials or licenses?
•What do I need to look for in evaluating a childcare provider?
•How do I check the references?
•How can I make the cost of childcare more affordable?
•What can I do to ensure that my child will be safe?

The Childcare Answer Book is your guide to the right choice, whether you are looking into childcare for the first time or changing your current situation.

•Paperback, 294 Pages