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Twice Upon a Time
Twins Memory Book Set
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Price includes TWO books!

Parents can tell the most exiting story of all - the birth of their twin babies!

"Twice Upon a Time" is a set of baby memory books written just for twins. They are unique in that they tell a fairy tale, combined with the tale of Mommy's pregnancy, her twins' birth, and first three years of life. The books include simple, cute comparisons of the twins and also address each child as a unique individual.

Full of colorful, adorable illustrations, one of the nice features about this set of books is that it's VERY EASY to fill in the details. Much of the work is already done for busy parents, with lots of "check-the-box" options. Don't get us wrong, there is SOME work to be done, but it's not overwhelming!


•Hoping, Wishing, and Dreaming
•Hearing the News
•Weight Gain, Cravings, Dislikes
•Mommy’s Tummy
•Nesting and Resting
•Baby Shower
•Special Delivery
•Weights, Measures, Coloring
•Who Did You Look Like?
•Birth Story
•The World Around You
•Birth Announcement
•Hospital Visitors
•Coming Home
•Similarities and Differences
•Questions and Suggestions
•Family Tree

•Words to Describe You
•Favorite Things
•Doctors Visits, Immunizations
•Ceremonies, Celebrations, Holidays and Vacations
•One More Wish
•The End

•By Lynn Lorenz (Identical twin/Mother of triplets)
•2 (TWO) HARD COVER BOOKS, 64 pages each, 8.5" X 11"
•Please note that many of the pages are not just "fill in", but rather, tell a story.
•Price is for TWO books!
•Moral of Twice Upon A Time: "Hopes, wishes and dreams sometimes do come true...times TWO!"

"These are by far the best, and most interesting, baby record/memory books around for those expecting twins. It reads like a children's book, but still contains all of the precise information you expect a baby record/memory book to contain. The parents (male and female) and babies (unisex) depicted in the story, are caucasian but the book itself allows you to add specific information about the twins, such as a variety of skin color choices (very light - dark) so that the book is applicable to all. Also, it doesn't assume that the children are fraternal, identical, or what the sex is at all, so you can really make the story fit your family. This book is way more than I expected!" - Shannon R. (Orange County, CA)

"I had intended on buying two different baby books for my twins, as someone suggested it might help them feel like individuals. Once I saw this book, it was a done deal and I bought one for each of them. While I, of course, want them to be individuals, so much of a twin pregnancy is about them being "one unit" and I loved that about this book. It's the perfect amount of both important aspects - the twin pregnancy, and their individual characteristics as they grow. This book is so great that it actually brought me to tears. It captures so many elements that only twin parents experience." - Any Day Now (Chicago, IL)

"This twins baby book is the best I have seen, it is just adorable and captures the twin experience perfectly. The illustrations are adorable, and I love that I can write as little or as much as I have time for-who has time with year old twins? Love the storybook aspect of it, I think my babies will love having it read to them as they grow and we fill it in. The first half is for the shared twin experience, the 2nd half is for the individual twin, which is really nice because each baby has their own book. I love this baby book set, you will too." - TwinMom, CA