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Twin Connections
by Debbie LaChusa
Incredible Tales!
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A Twin Connection is the unique and often mysterious bond that connects twins. If you're a twin, you've undoubtedly experienced it. If you're a parent, sibling, or friend of twins, you've witnessed it. Whether it's the way they finish each other's sentences, know when their twin is in trouble, feel each other's pain, or seem to have uncanny parallels in their lives, there is definitely a connection between twins that does not exist between typical siblings.

The twin stories in Twin Connections were written by twins, parents of twins, and friends and family members of twins from around the world, and they provide a special glimpse into this mysterious bond shared by twins of all ages.

From one woman who felt her sister's pregnancy contractions to another twin who knew the moment his twin had passed away although he was nowhere near him, you will be convinced that whether they are fraternal or identical, twins share a very special relationship.

Whether you're a twin yourself, or a friend or relative of twins, you will enjoy these true and incredible tales of twin connections!

Paperback, 111 Pages