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Two is for Twins
by Wendy Lewison
Twins are two-er than anyone
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In bouncy rhyme, Lewison highlights things that come in pairs - a bird's wings, bicycle wheels, and a smiling child's hands, ears, feet, and, finally, sibling: And twins, as you can plainly see, are just as two as two can be. Aspects of this special relationship are briefly mentioned as the youngsters appear in matching clothes, pursue individual interests at school, play together, and end up in bed with chicken pox. Twins are two-er than anyone. Two times the hugs, two times the fun, the rhythmic text reads aloud smoothly.

Saturated with deep hues and painted with a whimsical touch, the artwork carries the story along as two curly haired cuties interact with one another and pursue typical toddler activities. With their round heads, pinpoint eyes, and expressive mouths, the characters are appealing, and the nonstop motion and humorous details in the illustrations maintain interest. One exuberant spread shows the tykes zooming down a slide, their faces glowing with excitement and their arms raised high, while a sneaker flies off a foot and into the pale blue sky.

By Wendy Cheyette Lewis

Hardcover, 40 Pages